This host operates a Tor Exit Router

Most likely you are accessing this website because you had some issue with the traffic coming from this IP. This router is part of the Tor Anonymity Network, which is dedicated to providing people with anonymity who need it most: average computer users.

While Tor is not designed for malicious computer users, it is inevitable that some may use the network for malicious ends. In the mind of this operator, the social need for easily accessible censorship-resistant anonymous communication trumps the risk. Tor sees use by many important segments of the population, including whistle blowers, journalists, Chinese dissidents skirting the Great Firewall and oppressive censorship, abuse victims, stalker targets, the US military, and law enforcement, just to name a few.

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In terms of applicable law, the best way to understand Tor is to consider it a network of routers operating as common carriers, much like the Internet backbone. However, unlike the Internet backbone routers, Tor routers explicitly do not contain identifiable routing information about the source of a packet.

As such, there is little the operator of this router can do to help you track the connection further. This router maintains no logs of any of the Tor traffic, so there is little that can be done to trace either legitimate or illegitimate traffic (or to filter one from the other). Attempts to seize this router will accomplish nothing.

Furthermore, this machine also serves as a carrier of email, which means that its contents are further protected under the ECPA. 18 USC 2707 explicitly allows for civil remedies ($1000/account plus legal fees) in the event of a seizure executed without good faith or probable cause (it should be clear at this point that traffic with an originating IP address of should not constitute probable cause to seize the machine). Similar considerations exist for 1st amendment content on this machine.

If you are a representative of a company who feels that this router is being used to violate the DMCA, please be aware that this machine does not host or contain any illegal content. Also be aware that network infrastructure maintainers are not liable for the type of content that passes over their equipment, in accordance with DMCA "safe harbor" provisions. In other words, you will have just as much luck sending a takedown notice to the Internet backbone providers. Please consult EFF's prepared response for more information on this matter.

For more information, please consult the following documentation:

  1. Tor Overview
  2. Tor Abuse FAQ
  3. Tor Legal FAQ

That being said, if you still have a complaint about the router, you may email the maintainer. If complaints are related to a particular service that is being abused, I will consider removing that service from my exit policy, which would prevent my router from allowing that traffic to exit through it. I can only do this on an IP+destination port basis, however. All common IRC, P2P, and malware traffic are already blocked.

The firewall rules and Tor exit policy were last updated 2018-01-18.

While this host may originate or forward legitimate original, non-anonymized, and IDENT-ifiable IRC traffic from trusted users, no Tor users may pass IRC traffic.

I block all common (and not-so-common) ports used for IRC, in addition to blocking non-IRC traffic from Tor to any publicly listed IRC infrastructure belonging to EFnet, Undernet, and freenode, including web gateways.

You also have the option of blocking this IP address and others on the Tor network if you so desire. The Tor project provides a python script to extract all IP addresses of Tor exit nodes, and an official DNSRBL is also available to determine if a given IP address is actually a Tor exit server. Please be considerate when using these options. It would be unfortunate to deny all Tor users access to your site indefinitely simply because of a few bad apples.

Resources provided by this server are also avaiable via a Tor Hidden Service located at trnszzzcbyt3c2sv.onion. This Hidden Service provides an alternate means of accessing in case your access is blocked, censored, or logged by an employer, service provider, or government.

If you have a legitimate issue or complaint regarding content or traffic from, you may contact the maintainer using the contact details previously described. Once we verify the traffic originated here, I will work to provide a resolution as quickly as possible.

In case of major emergencies, the hardware is physically located at:

SoftLayer Technologies, Inc., an IBM Company
DAL02/06 Dallas Data Center
1333 North Stemmons Freeway
Suite #110
Dallas, TX 75207 USA
(214) 782-7800

The technical contact for hardware is physically located at:

Linode, LLC
329 East Jimmie Leeds Road
Suite A
Galloway, NJ 08205 USA
(609) 380-7100

The system maintainer can be reached at (954) 439-0855.

Last updated 2018-JAN-18